I visited Futenma Shrine ⛩✨

I visited Futenma Shrine for two consecutive days, yesterday and today ⛩✨

It was really by chance that I had errands nearby on both days, so I was able to visit ❣️

Yesterday was a ‘Tanabata’ day & ‘Day of the Snake’
Today is a ‘Tanabata’ day & ‘Tensha’ day

I truly feel a connection 🐉💗🐲💗

Moreover, today’s visit was a sudden addition to my schedule, so for the past two days, I felt as if I was being called to come 😆💕

I don’t know what this summoned visit will lead to in the future…

But I can tell that it’s heading in a good direction 🥰

Grateful for the connection ⛩🙏❣️

Thank you very much 🥰🙏💕


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