Introducing the list and meaning ofJapanese Dragon God letter(Ryujin)in an easy-to-understand manner!

What is Japanese Dragon God letter(Ryujin)?

It is one of the scripts known as ancient scripts, which are said to have been used over 5,600 years ago, before the introduction of kanji. It is said that your wishes will come true just by writing them as characters that contain the power of a Dragon God.


This article introduces a list and meanings of Japanese Dragon God letters (Ryujin)! For the basic meanings, history, and effects of Japanese Dragon God letters, please refer to the article below! 😊

What is Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin)? Introducing its amazing effects! Unlocking the door ... Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) is a mystical script that is believed to have been used during the Jomon period, long before Chinese characters were intr...

The Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) consists of a total of 48 characters (46 characters in hiragana). Additionally, the order differs from the traditional hiragana order, starting from “to” and ending with “wa”. Here is the following order

Order of Japanese Dragon God letters

To Ho Ka Mi We Hi Ta Me
A I Fu He Mo Wo Su Shi
Ya Ma Ha Ra Ki Ni Chi Ri
Nu U Mu Ku E Te Ne Se
Ko Ke O Re Yo Ro So No
Yun Tsu Ru Wi Sa Na Wa

Japanese Dragon God letters will be introduced here in “aiueo order” 🐉
Please also try researching the meanings of your own names! 😊

Individual Japanese Dragon God letters, 48 characters (in aiueo order).


Heavenly energy
Elevate self-energy
Pouring from love, the universe
Energy of love


Harmonize the mind
Balance mind and body
Attract happiness


Creative energy
Promote circulation


Draw in lovers, friends


Healing pain
Joints, bones


Overcome pressure
The birth of this world


Representing cosmic energy
Strong healing
Healing, special characters


Enhance financial luck
Naturally become smiling
A calm heart


Reset a cloudy heart


Representing loneliness
Energy to convey feelings to others


Overcome the fear of death


Calm the mind
Regulate when the organs are weak


Release from tension
Alleviate swelling


Reset beliefs and broaden perspectives
Unlock mental blocks


Ease tension
Strength in competition


Birth of non-human life
Activation and love


Power to lift heavy objects


Gather positive energy


Attract people with joyful energy


Beginning, vibration
Escape from negativity


Energy that connects heaven and earth
Escape from suffering


Gathering energy


Stop itching


Avoidance of interpersonal conflicts


Representing the present moment
Stabilize the mind


Open the heart


Signifying fire
Letting go of negativity


Sacred breath


World peace and reconciliation
Healing emotional wounds


Expansion of energy
Resolving troubles


Repel evil thoughts


Energy of water
A mirror reflecting everything
Utilize during times of learning


Enhance recuperative power


Representing the birth of males and females
A new harmony
Heal the heart


Attract joy
Break free from suffering


Parting ways
Putting an end in the heart


Absorb cosmic energy


Energy of forgiveness
Forgiving oneself and others


“Wish to become beautiful”
Characters that enhance beauty
Suppressing heightened emotions


Energy of joy
Natural healing power


Calming the nerves


Bouncing off others’ thoughts


Blood improvement
Reducing swelling and numbness


Healing the vestibular system


Release from trauma


Energy of the earth


Connecting people
Creating miracles
Natural healing power


Signifying the end
Improving insomnia

There is no prescribed stroke order for Japanese Dragon God letters, so initially, try to write slowly while referring to a model.


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Japanese Dragon God letters become more effective when combined

『Lessons of love』

Wanting to feel protected by the vast love of the universe

『Spiritual elevation』

Seeking to elevate frequencies and achieve ascension

『Prayer for health』

Easing mental and physical pain to live a healthy life

『Household safety』

The energy of universal love
By connecting hearts even with small things, one’s world expands greatly

『Vigor for fish』

The birth of life

『Work and financial fortune』

When you want to spread things out
When you want to make progress

『Realization of dreams』

Meeting invaluable friends and seeing big dreams come true

『Enhancement of art』

Bringing out talents
Wanting to become good at singing
Wanting to become good at painting


Energy that brings abundance

『Prosperity of descendants』

Energy to take the first step strongly when starting something

『Improvement in romantic fortunes』

Meeting a soulmate
Evolving the soul

『Achievement of mission』

Wanting to know one’s mission
Reclaiming one’s true self

『Enhancement of expressive ability』

Speaking and writing
Wanting to improve expressive skills
Enhancing communication skills

『Wish to attract customers』

When you want to gather people for business or events

『Improvement in language skills』

Conversations with all things
Conversations with living beings, water, mountains, clouds, and gods
Connecting heart to heart

『Boost in competitive luck』

Wanting to improve luck in competitions
Characters for connecting with ancestors

『Prosperity in business』

Wanting to spread things out with “muku”
Wanting to gather people with “tsuru”
When these two are combined, it leads to prosperity in business
It works to improve the circulation of everything, including money and people.

When you click on the characters, you can see the meaning and usage of the Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) 🐉👀Please try looking up the meaning of your own name 😊

Combining them enhances the effectiveness of the Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) 🐉👀

Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin🐉✨👀

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