The spiritual meaning and message of the Blue Ryujin(Japanese Dragon Gods)【Bringing purification and good fortune】

青龍は心身を浄化し 幸運と繁栄を引き寄せる

In this article, we will delve into a detailed explanation of the spiritual meaning and message of the Blue Ryujin, which brings purification and good fortune 🐉✨


The spiritual meaning and message of the Blue Ryujin

The power to purify the mind and body, and carve out new paths

The Blue Ryujin is said to possess the ability to cleanse everything and wash away the impurities of the mind and body. It serves as a powerful support to shed off old and unnecessary things and invite new fortune 🍀✨

The Blue Ryujin is said to favor the flow of pure water and abhor dirt and impurities. This suggests that a refreshing mind and environment are crucial elements for inviting fortune 🐉

With its power of purification and detoxification, the Blue Ryujin removes accumulated stress and toxins from the mind and body. By letting go of unnecessary things and resetting, it supports in clearing thoughts and reclaiming one’s true self 🐉✨

Enhancing decisiveness and initiative

When thoughts are scattered and uncertainty arises, the Blue Ryujin washes away unnecessary thoughts and guides towards making clear decisions. It will help cut through hesitation and provide the courage to take the first step forward 🍀

Activating circulation and attracting good fortune

With the power of the Blue Ryujin, releasing old and unnecessary things through decluttering initiates a new circulation of energy. As a result, people and things that are truly necessary for oneself, as well as good fortune, are attracted 😊💕

Purifying relationships

The Blue Ryujin also works its power on relationship issues. It has the ability to sever negative ties and attract positive connections, providing support in building relationships that hold true value to oneself ✨

The character of the Blue Ryujin


If I were to describe the character of the Blue Ryujin in one word, it would be ‘righteous and earnest.’ 🐉

They appreciate beauty, orderliness, and elegance, akin to a minimalist who thoroughly eliminates excess. ✨ They have a high sense of aesthetics and prefer refined spaces without clutter. 😊

Furthermore, the Blue Ryujin detests dishonesty. They uphold honesty and integrity, valuing fairness and transparency. They abhor dirty tactics and feel indignation towards a world rife with lies and deceit. The Blue Ryujin confronts injustice and shines light upon those who live honestly and earnestly 🐉✨

Characteristics of people liked by the Blue Ryujin


The Blue Ryujin, who cherishes purity of heart and action, is said to empower individuals with the following characteristics 🐉✨

Those who love cleanliness

The Blue Ryujin prefers a pure environment and dislikes dirt. People who excel in cleaning and tidying up, always keeping their surroundings clean, can ally themselves with the power of the Blue Ryujin. Especially those who prioritize cleanliness in water-related areas and are particular about drinking water and household water tend to be favored by the Blue Ryujin.

People with the power of purification

Individuals who work in professions that cleanse the mind and body, such as healers (a term derived from the word ‘healing,’ meaning to heal using the energy of the universe and life) and detox therapists, are said to easily receive support from the Blue Ryujin. Healthcare professionals, who protect human health, can also be recognized by the Blue Ryujin for their work in preserving human well-being.

People who coexist with nature

Individuals who focus on environmental conservation activities and organic living attract the empathy of the Blue Ryujin. Those who value harmony with nature and make environmentally friendly choices can be guided by the power of the Blue Ryujin to achieve greater results.

People with a sense of justice and sincerity

The Blue Ryujin demands honesty from both oneself and others. Dishonesty or lies distance oneself from the power of the Blue Ryujin. By consistently acting with a sincere heart, one can deepen their connection with the Blue Ryujin and attract good fortune.

Occupations that uphold fairness and rules are said to easily gain the support of the Blue Ryujin. Individuals who succeed in professions requiring a sense of justice and sincerity, such as police officers or lawyers, may be benefiting from the blessings of the Blue Ryujin.

Furthermore, people who avoid additives and chemicals, opting for natural materials, resonate with the pure and virtuous nature of the Blue Ryujin.

People who are liked by the Blue Ryujin tend to prioritize purity of heart and spiritual growth over material wealth.
Taking the time and effort to keep their surroundings clean and leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle, even at the cost of time and money, can deepen their connection with the Blue Ryujin and serve as an important key to attracting good fortune. 🐉✨

Harness the power of the Blue Ryujin as your ally!


Here, we’ll introduce several ways to harness the power of the Blue Ryujin as your ally, so be sure to give them a try! 🌈✨

Perform meditation visualizing the Blue Ryujin.

Close your eyes in a quiet place and engage in meditation, visualizing the Blue Ryujin. This practice can yield the following effects:

  • Purification of the mind and body
    The Blue Ryujin symbolizes pure water and life energy. Visualizing the Blue Ryujin can cleanse the mind and body of impurities and negative energies, leading to a refreshed state.
  • Improvement of concentration and insight
    The Blue Ryujin is said to possess sharp insight and intelligence, capable of discerning truth. Imagining the Blue Ryujin can enhance concentration and insight, nurturing the ability to perceive the essence of things.
  • Attraction of luck and prosperity
    As a symbol of luck and prosperity, the Blue Ryujin can be visualized to draw upon its powerful energy, attracting luck and prosperity into one’s life.
🍀 Specific Meditation Method
  1. Choose a quiet place and sit with your spine straight.
  2. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths.
  3. As you exhale, visualize the form of the Blue Ryujin.
  4. The Blue Ryujin gazes at you with clear eyes, smiling gently.
  5. Feel the light emanating from the Blue Ryujin and imagine it enveloping your entire body.
  6. Receive the power of the Blue Ryujin and feel your mind and body being purified.
  7. Express gratitude to the Blue Ryujin and slowly awaken.
Points to Consider When Meditating
  • Choose a quiet place and create an environment free from distractions by surrounding noises.
  • Turn off electronic devices like mobile phones to create a conducive environment for concentration.
  • Focus your awareness on your breath and clear your mind of distractions.
  • Visualize the form of the Blue Ryujin as vividly as possible.
  • Take your time and proceed at your own pace, without rushing.

Blue Ryujin prefers clean water sources such as springs, rivers, and waterfalls, so whenever possible, try meditating in such places for a serene experience. 🐉✨
Meditating with the image of Blue Ryujin can yield even better results when practiced daily. ✨
If you wish to invite luck and prosperity into your life and steer it towards a better direction, do give meditation with the image of Blue Ryujin a try. 😊💕

Carrying items inspired by Blue Ryujin

By wearing accessories or ornaments inspired by Blue Ryujin, such as jewelry or figurines, you can feel the power of Blue Ryujin close to you. 🐉✨ Additionally, crystal, which is said to have high clarity and purifying effects on the mind and body, is also recommended. 🔮

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Blue Ryujin loves the scent of mint.

They are highly sensitive to fragrances and avoid places with odors like garbage or stagnation. They prefer scents that bring a sense of freshness and purification. Mint, in particular, is a favorite. 🍀💕 Besides mint, invigorating scents like rosemary and tea tree are said to be favored by Blue Ryujin. These fragrances can enhance concentration, creativity, and promote relaxation of the mind and body. 🌈✨


Blue Ryujin is a powerful presence that helps to discard the old, the unnecessary, and sever negative ties, inviting in new fortunes. 🐉🌈✨
With the assistance of Blue Ryujin’s power, let’s cleanse our minds and bodies and welcome new opportunities for luck. 😊✨

Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin(Japanese dragon god) 🐉✨👀

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