Healing Pain with Japanese Dragon God Letters! The Miraculous Healing Power Hidden in Ancient Characters! Introducing by Symptoms

Japanese Dragon God Letters are considered to have the effect of bringing luck and fortune as ancient Japanese characters. In recent years, there has been increasing attention on their healing effects, especially drawing Japanese Dragon God Letters on painful areas. Many have reported improvements in their symptoms as a result.

Effectiveness of Pain Relief with Japanese Dragon God Letters

  • Purification of Root Cause Energies
     Pain is believed to arise not only from physical causes but also from various energies such as mental stress and past traumas acting together. Japanese Dragon God Letters are said to purify these negative energies, thereby reducing pain.
  • Improvement of Energy Flow
     Japanese Dragon God Letters are believed to enhance the flow of stagnant energy and channel necessary energy to the affected area, improving the overall circulation of vital energy.
  • Activation of Self-Healing Power
     Japanese Dragon God Letters are thought to activate the inherent self-healing power within humans, facilitating natural pain relief.

How to Apply Japanese Dragon God Letters to Affected Areas

  1. Cleanse the affected area thoroughly.
  2. Write the Japanese Dragon God letter corresponding to the area experiencing pain on a piece of paper. (Directly writing on the skin is also acceptable 🍀)
  3. Attach the written Japanese Dragon God letter to the affected area.
  4. Close your eyes and relax for a few minutes.

When I accidentally pinched my finger and it swelled up, I also wrote and attached “su” 🍀

Points to Note
  • Japanese Dragon God letter is not a medical treatment. If the pain is severe or symptoms do not improve, please consult a doctor.
  • When drawing Japanese Dragon God letters, it is important to pay attention to the correct character forms.
  • If writing directly on the affected area, use a pen made of skin-friendly material.

Symptom-Specific Japanese Dragon God Letters

For general health, you can use “Kini”.

Among Japanese Dragon God letters for pain relief, “Kini” is the most famous and versatile! It’s not only effective for pain but also beneficial for overall health 🍀 If you’re unsure which character to write, “Kini” is always a safe choice.

Reducing Swelling or Inflammation: “Su”

“Su” is known for its energy that helps alleviate swelling, inflammation, and the formation of bumps 🍀

Joint and Bone Pain: “O”

“O” carries energy that relieves bone pain 🍀

Relieving Itching: “Nu”

“Nu” possesses energy that soothes itching caused by insect bites like mosquitoes or skin conditions like atopic dermatitis 🍀

Numbness: “Ru”

“Ru” is believed to have energy that improves blood circulation, relieving numbness 🍀

Nasal Congestion: “Iroha”

“Iroha” is effective for nasal congestion. Write “Iroha” of Japanese Dragon God letters on paper and paste it behind your neck.

“I” Balances the mind and body, attracts happiness.
“Ro” Releases from trauma.
“Ha” Opens the heart, enhances sociability.

Stopping Bleeding: “Irohanihoeto”

Drawing “Irohanihoeto” circularly with Japanese Dragon God letters on the bleeding area is believed to alleviate the symptoms 🍀

Kidneys or Vestibular System: “Re”

“Re” is believed to have energy that heals the kidneys or vestibular system 🍀

Weak Internal Organs: “Shi”

“Shi” is thought to possess energy that heals weak internal organs 🍀


Japanese Dragon God letters carry meanings with each character 🐉 On the following page, you’ll find a list of Japanese Dragon God letters along with their meanings, so be sure to check it out for reference 😊

Introducing the list and meaning ofJapanese Dragon God letter(Ryujin)in an easy-to-understand m... What is Japanese Dragon God letter(Ryujin)? It is one of the scripts known as ancient scripts, which are said to have been used over 5,600 years ago, befo...

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Japanese Dragon God letter is believed to not only heal pain but also have an effect on mental stability. For those suffering from pain or seeking relaxation for both mind and body, why not give Japanese Dragon God letter a try? 🍀


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