[Summer Solstice] I visited Futenma Shrine ⛩✨

Today, I visited Futenma Shrine ⛩✨

What a day it is – the summer solstice ☀️✨

Moreover, it’s a triple lucky day with ‘Tanabata’, ‘Day of the Snake’, and ‘Daimyo’ ✨

Once again, I had plans nearby and was able to visit ⛩🙏✨

Such perfect timing 🤩

It’s almost scary how well-timed it is 🤣

I’m the most surprised that such an opportunity came up so conveniently 😳✨

It feels like I’m being called again 👀✨⁉️

This is the third time this month 🤩✨

Since today is the summer solstice, a day with strong solar energy, I wanted to worship Amaterasu Omikami, so I’m really happy that the timing worked out so well for the visit 😆🙏💕

When I’m being healed at my usual spot, I say to my White Ryujin (Metal-san), “We’re so happy, aren’t we? 🥰” And he says,

“It’s thanks to me 🐲”

I was told 😍💘💘💘

With such perfect timing 👀✨

It’s really just as you say indeed 😆🙏💕💕💕

I’m truly, truly grateful to be together 🐉💖

From now on, surely❣️ No, definitely❣️❣️❣️ I’m heading in a good direction 😆💕

Metal-san 🐲💕
Thank you 😍💕


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