[Ryujin Pierced Earrings] A customer has purchased White Dragon and Rainbow Dragon earrings 🥰

Recently, someone welcomed White Dragon earrings and Rainbow Dragon earrings 🐉🌈

@onryustarseed , thank you very much for your purchase 😆

Both the White Dragon and Rainbow Dragon are part of the small bead series, created for easy everyday wear, something I thought was needed 🥰💕

I personally also love using the small bead series 😆🙌

They have a subtle presence but still stand out 🐲✨

These are the dragons from the small bead series 🐉🌈💕

Ryujin pierced earrings
Ryujin pierced earrings
Ryujin pierced earrings
Ryujin pierced earrings
Ryujin pierced earrings
Ryujin pierced earrings

Hoping to deepen the connection with these dragons, I’ve drawn them with a “circle” motif as a wish ☺️

The White Dragon uses the natural stone Citrine ✨

The language of Citrine stones is “Prosperity,” “Success,” “Wealth,” “Happiness,” “Hope” 💓 Especially as a gem symbolizing wealth and financial luck, Citrine is considered to have the power of business prosperity and is cherished ✨

The Rainbow Dragon uses Mixed Beryl and Moonstone ✨

The language of Mixed Beryl stones is a stone filled with love and healing energy 💓 It’s a highly healing stone that gently flows stagnant emotional and mental energy, bringing deep healing effects to its owner ✨

The language of Moonstone is

A stone symbolizing women
A stone that calls for love
A stone of foresight and clairvoyance
The energy of the moon held by Moonstone also easily affects the mental state and works on the subconscious 💓

Ryujin pierced earrings

@onryustarseed took and posted a lovely photo 😍 Thank you very much 🥰

I’m deeply moved by @onryustarseed kind words, truly touched, my heart is full, and I can’t stop feeling happy 😭💕

I received a high vibration of happiness 😍🙌💓

Thank you very much 🐉💕

Lastly, While infusing “Dragon Love Energy,” the Rainbow Dragons said,

“I hope they wear me cutely 🐉💕”

Such a charming thing to say 💘

These are also the heart-fluttering, adorable Rainbow Dragons 🐉


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Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin🐉✨👀

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