“Event Participation! 【10/9 (Mon, Holiday)】Kagayaki Festa Okinawa 2023 ✨

✨ Kagayaki Festa Okinawa 2023 ✨ Charity Event vol.4 @kagayakifesta_okinawa

Date ▶︎ October 9th (Mon, Holiday) 11:00-16:00

Venue ▶︎ EM Wellness Lifestyle Resort 1st Floor

Parking 🅿️ Available
Admission Free 🆓

Organized by @mayumi_kinjo


Only 7 days left until the event! Exactly 1 week from today 😆

Exciting 💓 and nervous 💓

Still in the process of making new pieces 🙌💕

Ryujin accessory
Ryujin accessory
Ryujin Necklace
Ryujin accessory

This time, in addition to new pieces, I’m also working on creating a special item exclusively for the event: ‘Fortune Talisman Chips’ with Dragon Calligraphy 😆

We plan to prepare three types of ‘Fortune Talisman Chips’:
❤️ Gold Dragon & Dragon Calligraphy
❤️ Energy Art & Dragon Calligraphy
❤️ Memory Oil-infused & Dragon Calligraphy

Currently, I’m working on creating the Memory Oil-infused talisman chips 🙋‍♀️✨

And let me tell you, they are unbelievably cute 🤩 Oil infused in 5 different varieties, each with 3 pieces. There are 4 pieces of Gold Dragon talisman chips and 6 pieces of Energy Art talisman chips.

Since there’s a limited number of each, it’s first-come, first-served 😆🙌💕

These rare items available only at the event, so be sure to get yours 🙆‍♀️

Ryujin accessory

Only 7 days left until the event…

Will I finish in time? 😂
Of course, I will 😂👍

Looking forward to seeing you all 💓

Apart from the new pieces and talisman chips, I have also prepared 【3 Major Benefits】 exclusively for the event 🙆‍♀️💕


❥ Benefit 1️⃣ ❥
♡ Gold Dragon, Health, and Evil Dispelling ♡
Dragon Calligraphy Fortune Talisman Cards will be given as gifts to all buyers ♡

❥ Benefit 2️⃣ ❥
♡ Instant Discounts ♡
¥300 off for purchases over ¥5,000
¥500 off for purchases over ¥10,000

❥ Benefit 3️⃣ ❥
♡ Exclusive to the Event ♡
Receive a special coupon for ‘¥500 off’ to use next time ♡


I’ve prepared many benefits and look forward to seeing you all 🙆‍♀️💕

I’m also planning to sell Memory Oil Blend Sprays ✨
(All are oil blends)

❤️ Feo
For receiving richness, prosperity, and luck

❤️ Feo Girl
Feel richness every day, speed up attraction

❤️ Empress
Receive beauty, love, and richness
Targeted towards women who have previously held back or endured

❤️ Money & Work
Attract ideas and connections for work
Challenge with confidence

❤️ Chakra Strengthening
Adjust and balance the chakras
Strengthen the roles of each chakra, even during meditation

I plan to have a total of 5 spray varieties ✨ The same oils are included in the talisman chips 🤗

The mystical ‘Memory Oil’ synergistically enhances what you want to achieve, bringing it closer to reality 💓

memory oil

Please come and meet the upgraded ‘Dragon’s Hide and Seek’ with Ryuuka 😆🙌💕

Looking forward to meeting you all 🐉🌈💕

Only 7 days left until the event ✨
Let’s do our best 😆🙌 Oh〜 🐉🌸💕
Collaborating with our dragons 🤗💕”


At “Ryujin Accessory,” Ryujin art creator Ryuuka creates cute accessories for adults that can be used on a daily basis. All of works contain the energy of the Dragon God.

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pierced earrings




Bag charm



Ryutai Amulet Card

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Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin🐉✨👀

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