[Ryujin Necklace] A customer has purchased a Gold Dragon 🥰

Yesterday evening, the Gold Dragon made an appeal, asking to be released quickly 🐲❣️

Responding to the Gold Dragon’s request, I hurriedly prepared and posted it 🤳✨

It’s a necklace featuring a Gold Dragon with a clear shell that sparkles ✨

The number “8,” significant to Ryujin, is used as a motif to represent the Gold Dragon ♡

Without using a mold, I crafted the base from scratch, carefully hand-painting the Gold Dragon stroke by stroke ✍

The scales are expressed with golden glitter, adding a sparkling effect ٩(ˊᗜˋ)و

The back is adorned with white shell 💕

When light shines upon it, the Gold Dragon glistens and becomes adorably radiant 😊

Depending on the angle, the white shell at the back also sparkles with an absorbing beauty ♡

By adorning the top part with pearls, it can look both gorgeous ✨ and charming for everyday wear 💕 Enjoy it in various styles (˘︶˘).。.:*♪

Of course, I have infused it with “Ryujin Love Energy” 🐉💕

Those who can feel it, will surely do so 🥰🐉✨

If you feel a strong pull ❣️, please consider welcoming it into your life 🐲💓

Addendum: The Gold Dragon necklace has been welcomed!

@mikittystyle has welcomed it 🥰

Thank you very much 🐉❣️

Right after posting, I received a message, and it was decided that it would be welcomed 🐲💞

It was unusual for the Gold Dragon to make such an appeal, so I thought there must be someone with a special connection ☺️

@mikittystyle , I am grateful for this connection 🙏💕 Thank you very much 🐉💝

I have safely sent off the Gold Dragon 🤗💕 It has cheerfully set off 🎶 to its new owner 🐉💕 And what’s more, it’s accompanied by a friend 🐲💞 Hehehe 🤭💞 Farewell and safe travels 🤗❣️

@mikittystyle posted about receiving the Gold Dragon necklace 🥰🙏💕

They even took a lovely photo 📸💕 I am deeply moved 😭💕

@mikittystyle thank you truly 🥰

The mysterious connection with the Gold Dragon ❣️ might have been thanks to the Blue Dragon’s appeal 😍💕

Thank you very much for welcoming the Gold Dragon🐲

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