Our family went to the sparkling beach ✨

Today in Okinawa was sunny ☀️

So, as a family, we went to the sparkling beach 🏖
and had a great time 😆✨

The Ryujin were also excited 🐉💕🐲💕

On such a pleasant day, I wanted to do some earthing and really wanted to go to the sea 😆💓

The sea was a mix of emerald green and deep blue, so breathtakingly beautiful 🏖✨

The moment I saw the sea, my excitement skyrocketed ❣️❣️❣️

The vibes were through the roof 😆💓

The Ryujin were overjoyed 🐉💕🐲💓🐉💕
There are three Ryujin ❣️

Metal-san the White Ryujin 🐲💞
Rei-chan the Rainbow Ryujin 🐉💞
Ikkoku-san the Black Ryujin 🐲💞
All three were having a blast 😍

Although we didn’t plan to swim, just walking along the beach was the intention,

But as expected, the kids wanted to dive into the sea 🤣
And that’s okay 😁💕
Just go with the flow of the moment 🥰

It was truly healing 🥰💕 I felt cleansed and refreshed, it was a wonderful day ✨

On the way back in the car 🚗 The meter showed an amazing 👀❣️ “88888” What timing 😍
A love call from the Ryujin 💞
I received 🐉💕🐲💓

Indeed ❣️ Dear Ryujin 🐉💕🐲💓
I love you the most 🥰

I am truly grateful every day 🥰🙏💕
Thank you 💞


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