[Ryujin Bag Charm] A customer has purchased a Black Dragon 🥰

Recently, a Black Dragon bag charm was welcomed 🐉💕

Thank you, Mr./Ms. T 🌈✨

This Black Dragon has a very popular fur that is silver in color 🐉✨

Designed with the number “8,” which is significant to Ryujin, as a motif 🐉💕

When the scales catch the light, they sparkle and shine, making for a handsome Black Dragon 🥰

Black Ryujin Bag Charm
Black Ryujin Bag Charm
Black Ryujin Bag Charm

It’s a chic and sophisticated bag charm with a touch of adult cuteness 👜✨

Adorned with natural stones arranged in a charming manner 🤩

Labradorite Light
Black Tiger’s Eye
Crystal (Quartz)
Black Spinel
Blue Hematite
I believe that natural stones have a mysterious power that leads to a wonderful future 🥰

I have a feeling that something even more wonderful will happen when the dragon and natural stones come together 😆💕

Mr./Ms. T ✨, please take good care of the Black Dragon and the Gold Dragon 😊

I am grateful for this wonderful dragon connection 🐉🌈💕


The spiritual meaning and message of Black Ryujin(Japanese Dragon Gods): Awakening and Reality Cr... In this article, we'll delve into the spiritual meaning and message of Black Ryujin, which focuses on exploring one's own world and blossoming talents. ...

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Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin🐉✨👀

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