I participated as a monitor for “Goddess Art” 🥰

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate as a monitor for @fairyuka123  “Goddess Art” 🥰

【Comment from Yuka】
“Shining a bright future with abundant colorful love, a messenger conveying light to people. Being true to oneself, healing oneself and others in various ways, and making energy shine. That’s who she is ✨”

【Message from Goddess Art】
“I decide what color I am. Each stone is different, each one attractive. Each version of myself is important and radiant.”

I’m so grateful for your kind words 😍💕

I was so happy and moved
that tears welled up 😭💕

Thank you so much, yuka-san ✨
for drawing such a wonderful goddess 😍

For the entire month leading up to the monitor session,

I was eagerly anticipating “Goddess Art” 💖

I wonder, what kind of goddess will mine be… 🤭💕

With excitement and anticipation 👀💗

Through the screen, I met yuka-san,
who draws the Goddess Art,

She was friendly, kind,
and full of energy 😆✨

While chatting, it felt like she could see
the goddesses,

Four goddesses came forward 😍

When I described the goddess
that resonated with me the most,

she effortlessly sketched out
a rough drawing 😆👏💕

Truly incredible talent 🤩✨

Later, when I saw the completed goddess,
I was even more impressed!

It’s truly too lovely 😍💕

pic2 is the other goddess
I was debating about 😁

She surprised me by
including it inside the card 👏💕

Such thoughtfulness 😆💕

Thank you so much, yuka-san ✨
for drawing such a lovely goddess,
I really appreciate it 😆💕


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