I had my first Memory Oil session 🐉🌈💕

@naru.tenryuka Memory Oil ✨

I’ve been curious about it for a while 😆💕

This time, I was fortunate enough to receive a dragon bond
and have a Memory Oil session 🌈✨

Using a pendulum, the Memory Oil that resonated with me now
was chosen ✨

It was truly amazing 🤩
As you can see in the video, the YES and NO responses
were crystal clear 👀✨

In the end, I chose
7 bottles of Memory Oil 😁✨


Memory Oil

Starting from the right…

Purification: To cleanse one’s inner self. Soul purification. To flush out stagnant energy and circulate new energy. To elevate consciousness and upgrade to a trouble-free state.

Motivation: To have goals and strive towards them. It brings determination and raises ambition.

Fast Luck: For when you desire quick change. It accelerates the flow and swiftly brings necessary assistance and luck.

New Life: To usher in new chances and fresh beginnings. By elevating consciousness from previous life perspectives, one can smoothly walk towards a desired new life.

Happiness: To bring joy and happiness into everyday life. It brings happiness and contentment even in minor daily events, allowing for brighter and more peaceful days.

Intuition: To believe in one’s intuition and know what is right for oneself. It enhances sensitivity and strengthens psychic abilities safely.

True Confidence: To have confidence in one’s actions. It brings unwavering, unshakeable confidence, awakening one’s own strength. It gains the ability to accept oneself as is and move forward with execution. It gains energy to increase self-esteem.


The oils that came out were exactly as I felt they would be ✨

I had the oils made into spray bottles 💓

By spraying this on my aura, I felt like I was resetting and switching gears ✨

Memory Oil
Memory Oil
Memory Oil

I really love the scent 💕
At first, it smells like incense, then a gentle sweet scent follows 🥰

It’s very soothing 😍🫶💕

Thank you,@naru.tenryuka 🌈✨


I also had a Ryujin card reading

The first card was the Gold Dragon,
“Finally taking shape.”

The second card was the Ascending Dragon,
“A sudden stage-up.”

Such wonderful dragons appeared 🐉✨


Excitement and anticipation just won’t stop 🤭💕



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