I received a certification for the Dragon Knot Session, “Ryujin’s Spiritual Heavenly Course” 😆

I received the certification for the Dragon Knot Session, “Ryujin’s Spiritual Heavenly Course,” from @ryuna888 😆👏💕💕💕

And not only that, it’s infused with Ryuna’s dragon love energy 🐉✨💖💖💖
How luxurious! 👀🌈💕💕

Thank you,@ryuna888
for this wonderful certification 🥰🙏💕

Receiving such an amazing certification gives me even more confidence for future endeavors ☺️

And, and ✨
I’ve made up my mind to take on a new challenge for myself 🌈💖

After harboring the feeling of “I want to try it someday” deep in my heart for so long,

After wavering and wavering,
I’ve finally made up my mind 👏✨

Next month, I’ll be getting started 🤭🐉💕🐲💕

I’ve reported my new venture to the Futenma Shrine ⛩✨
I’m looking forward to what lies ahead 😆🐉💕

The face of Ryujin is reflected in the main hall’s image 🤭💕🐲💕

When I looked up at the sky,
I was told, “Take a picture 🐲✨,”
so 🤭💕
I struck a pose 😁🤳✨

When taking a normal halo photo,
a rainbow 🌈 that doesn’t normally appear… 🤭✨

My dragon friend 🐉🌈💕,
Ray-chan (Rainbow Dragon),
seems to be cheering me on as well 😆🐉💕
I’m so happy I could cry 😭💕💕💕

even in the lovely halo 🌈✨,
there’s a big dragon face 🐲💕
Their support is amazing 😁💖
I’m filled with gratitude 🥰🙏💕🐉💕🐲💕

I have a feeling I’ll meet a new version of myself soon 🐉💖

I can’t contain my excitement anymore 😆💕💕


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