[Ryujin Necklace] A customer has purchased a Rainbow Dragon 🥰

@chloe.dignity✨ Thank you for welcoming the Rainbow Dragon 💓

This Rainbow Dragon was made to order 🐉🌈✨

Ryujin Necklace
Ryujin Necklace
Ryujin Necklace
Ryujin Necklace

Each side is carefully hand-painted with the Rainbow Dragon 💕

While painting, dragon energy is infused 🙌✨

Of course, I have also properly infused the “Dragon Love Energy” 🐉🙌💕

The top of the Rainbow Dragon features natural mixed beryl stones

“Mixed Beryl” is a stone filled with the energy of love and healing ♡ It gently flows stagnant emotional and mental energy, bringing deep healing effects to the owner

  • For those who want to attract a future full of hope
  • For those who desire peaceful days
  • For those who want to expand their own possibilities
  • For those who wish to become lucky
  • For those who want a life filled with love
  • It is a stone with high healing effects that brings love and healing ☆彡

For Chloe-san, who is also accompanied by a Gold Dragon and a Pink Dragon, I imagined the Gold and Pink Dragons and used “Citrine & Rose Quartz” for the chain’s natural stones ☆彡 The citrine is randomly cut, with two beads as focal points ♡ I used ultra-fine 2mm citrine and 3mm rose quartz

“Citrine” The language of citrine stones is ‘prosperity,’ ‘success,’ ‘wealth,’ ‘happiness,’ ‘hope’ ♡ Especially as a gem symbolizing wealth and financial luck, citrine is considered to have the power of business prosperity and is cherished ⋆₊.⁺⋆″

“Rose Quartz” Symbolizes the star of love and beauty, ‘Venus,’ themed on unconditional love It is said to enhance feminine beauty and have a tremendous effect on the fulfillment of love ♡ There is even a legend that the breath of the goddess of love became pink crystals, making rose quartz a renowned symbol of love It enhances femininity and brings out inner beauty ♡

I continue to support Chloe-san’s success and endeavors 😆💕

The Spiritual Meaning and Message of Rainbow Ryujin(Japanese Dragon Gods): “The Miraculous ... In this article, we'll delve into the spiritual meaning and message of Rainbow Ryujin, who bestows the miraculous power overflowing with vitality.🐉&#...

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Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin🐉✨👀

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