Reasons to Wear or Carry an Amulet: The Power of Energy Transfer


Amulets and Higher Dimensional Energy

Amulets are said to be effective in enhancing good fortune by serving as “yorishiro,” which incorporates higher dimensional energy into daily life. ✨

The origin of shrines dates back to the worship of natural objects such as rocks and trees. 🌳 People believed that gods dwelled within these natural objects and erected shrines and sanctuaries around them.

These places where gods dwell were referred to as “yorishiro,” perceived as material entities for descending higher dimensional energy (immaterial). 🌈

Amulets are a compact form of this “yorishiro.” ✨

By wearing them constantly, one can connect with higher dimensional energy and attract various forms of good fortune, including financial prosperity.

Money is also an invisible energy entity and manifests in the material world through the “yorishiro” of cash. In this regard, amulets and money share compatibility and are believed to work well together.

To effectively utilize amulets for enhancing good fortune, consider the following points.

Effective Ways to Utilize Amulets
  • Always carry and keep it close to you, never parting with it.
    Store it in accessible places like your wallet or pouch.
  • Regularly cleanse and refresh its energy.
    Perform cleansing rituals on significant occasions like full moon or new moon days.
  • Use it with a sense of gratitude.
    Appreciate the presence of your amulet and handle it with care.

Amulets serve as more than mere material objects; they act as conduits for higher dimensional energy.
For those seeking to enhance their good fortune, make sure to utilize amulets and reap the benefits of higher dimensional energy. 😊✨

Form Holds Energy

The secret of ancient spells and magic has been based on the principle that “similar forms transmit energy.” This means that when the form is the same, the energy of its original source is transferred.

For instance, “Fujizuka,” mounds shaped like Mount Fuji, were built to transfer the energy of Mount Fuji itself. In Tokyo, there are seven Fujizuka known as the “Edo Seven Fujizuka,” drawing the energy of Mount Fuji into the city. Shrines and amulets also serve to bring high-dimensional energy into lower dimensions through their forms.

Carrying items that transmit the energy of gods like the Seven Lucky Gods or Ryujin allows one to keep high-dimensional energy close at hand at all times. 🐉✨


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Talismans are tiny “power spots.”

Wearing a talisman connects you to divine energy, potentially attracting various fortunes, including financial luck. 🌈 Talismans are incredibly handy tools for those aiming to enhance their luck and prosperity. 😊✨

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