Welcomed Rainbow Fluorite-chan

Recently, I welcomed Rainbow Fluorite-chan from、@kaoryu138 😆💕

The moment I laid eyes on it, I felt a spark 👀💕
And I fell in love at first sight 😆🐉💕

Its size, color, and shape were just perfect for me 😁💓

Especially since the dragon accompanying me is a Rainbow Ryujin, I couldn’t resist 😍💕

I asked @kaoryu138 and they graciously agreed to pass it on to me 🥰

There’s a sense of energy imbued by @kaoryu138 dragon energy, and just holding it or gazing at it feels energizing 😊

Before starting my work, I always connect with the dragons to align my energy, so I also let Rainbow Fluorite-chan sit on my palm during this process to align its energy with mine 😊

I’m truly grateful for this wonderful encounter 🥰

I will cherish it dearly 🐉🐉💕💕

Coincidentally, a dragon’s face appeared in the reflection 😆💕

It’s so cute, so here’s another shot 🤳

With the energy of the sun 🌞
And a dragon, it’s a trio shot 🐉📸✨

Rainbow Fluorite-chan
Is truly beautiful and mesmerizing 😍

Since there’s always a picture of a dragon deity on my work desk,
I decided to keep Rainbow Fluorite-chan there too,

And it seems like we’re both happy about it 🥰

On sunny days, when the rainbow light from the dragon suncatcher sparkles in, it lifts my mood even more (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡


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