Perfectly Timed Ryujin

As I stepped out of the parking lot and glanced up at the sky, there were dragon clouds 👀✨

Whoa~ a big face 🐲✨ appeared, how delightful 🥰

I wondered if this was Mr. Metal (the White Dragon accompanying me)❓😃 and asked

Just then, a car with the number 8888 appeared ❗️

I received a response from Mr. Metal saying, “That’s right〜” 🐉💕

What impeccable timing 😆💕

My excitement soared instantly 😆👍

Furthermore, one after another, dragon clouds appeared 👀✨
This time, there were two big faces 🐲🐲💕

Oh! This time, could it be
Ray-chan 🐉💕 (the Rainbow Dragon accompanying me) and
Mr. Metal 🐉💕 (the White Dragon accompanying me) 😊❓
I thought, but

Then, another car with the number 8888 appeared 🥰

“I’m here too〜” Ray-chan appealed 😆💕

Ray-chan is too cute 😆💕

I was filled with love from the dragons 🐉💕
It was so heartwarming 🐲❣️

Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture a photo of that moment as it happened while I was driving 😭

Here’s a photo of the sky when my excitement peaked 🤗

Midday moon 🌔✨

Lately, I’ve been too busy to make time for myself 😭

I adjust my vibrations by gazing at the sky
And raise my vibrations 🥰


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