White Purple Ryujin ♡ Earrings ⋆☆.* [One of a Kind]

Introducing the White Purple Ryujin 💕

For dragon enthusiasts, they might see the dragon within 👀💕

These earrings depict a nuance-style White Purple Ryujin-chan, gently swaying in pale purple hues, without using a mold but hand-drawn stroke by stroke ✍

They’re one of a kind ♬

With a base of soft purple, it creates a nuanced finish, portraying a gentle yet powerful White Purple Ryujin-chan ♡

By incorporating shimmering holographic elements in shades of purple, it makes the White Purple Ryujin-chan stand out even more, seeming to shimmer and shine from every angle 👀✨

You can enjoy the unique expressions of White Purple Ryujin-chan from various angles 😊

Simple yet sizable pearls adorn them (〃’∇’〃)ゝ♬

They’re infused with the ‘Ryujin Love Energy,’ connecting with White Ryujin and Rainbow Ryujin 🐉✨

Feel the warm, affectionate energy of the dragons (˘︶˘).。.:*♪

If it resonates with you, embrace the happy life with White Purple Ryujin-chan 😊


At “Ryujin Accessory,” Ryujin art creator Ryuuka creates cute accessories for adults that can be used on a daily basis. All of works contain the energy of the Dragon God.

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pierced earrings




Bag charm



Ryutai Amulet Card

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Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin🐉✨👀

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