【Ryujin Earrings】Rainbow Dragon ♡ featuring “Natural Stone ☆ Rose Quartz ♡ Orange Moonstone”

The body shines like an aurora, and the fur is white ⋆ When hit by light, they sparkle like an aurora ♡

The “Rainbow Dragon” is a dragon overflowing with vitality and miracles ♡ It’s a mystical dragon that harbors the seven colors of light, capable of unlocking individuality and summoning miracles ⋆₊.⁺⋆″

We’ve also infused these earrings with high-vibrational “Dragon Love Energy” ♡ They will protect you from the moment you wear them and joyfully begin supporting you ♡

Truly one-of-a-kind pieces ♡


The clear base is handcrafted without using molds, meticulously drawn stroke by stroke ♡

When hit by light, the rainbow color of the dragon’s body changes like an aurora based on the angle of light ⋆₊.⁺⋆″
They are incredibly cute ♡

These rainbow dragons exude a comforting aura ⋆₊.⁺⋆″
Each has a different expression ♡
They seem to enhance femininityପ(⑅ˊᵕˋ⑅)ଓ

Walking alongside rainbow dragons, which harbor limitless possibilities, you can discover your true radiance and ride the waves of diversity ♡

Rainbow dragons, accepting all without bias or prejudice, are essential beings in this polarizing age. Embracing your true self, they will surely empower you to navigate through the new era ♡

Benefits of the Rainbow Dragon ♡
♥ Unlocks individuality and summons miracles
♥ Respects diversity and thrives in the new era
♥ Blossoms with a flexible heart and reveals true colors
♥ Accepts oneself as is without pursuing perfection
♥ Empowers the transition from bipolarity to multipolarity, guiding towards a new world

The Spiritual Meaning and Message of Rainbow Ryujin(Japanese Dragon Gods): “The Miraculous ... In this article, we'll delve into the spiritual meaning and message of Rainbow Ryujin, who bestows the miraculous power overflowing with vitality.🐉&#...

The natural stones used are “Rose Quartz” and “Orange Moonstone” ☆彡

“Rose Quartz”
A powerful stone symbolizing love, kindness, and beauty ♡ It’s associated with the theme of unconditional love and the planet of love and beauty, Venus ♡ It’s believed to enhance female beauty, shine a light on romance, and bring about great effects in love fulfillment ♡ It provides new encounters and opportunities, brings spiritual nourishment, and instills the power to nurture love ♡ It’s said to envelop the wearer in a gentle vibration, calming emotional turbulence and drawing out deep inner love ♡ Also known as the “heart’s softener,” it relieves tension, releases stress, and restores one to their natural self ♡

“Orange Moonstone”
Symbolizing “fertility” and “harvest” with its warm, fruit-like color ♡ It’s said to guide efforts toward fruition, much like how blessings from the heavens lead to the realization of past efforts ♡ As a result, it’s believed to enhance financial luck ♡ Corresponding to the second chakra, it deeply influences human emotions, sociability, joy, and optimistic thinking ♡ It envelops with gentle and generous vibrations, filling the heart with serene affection ♡

Truly one-of-a-kind pieces ♡

If you feel a dragon that goes “Vibrating 👀💕” and sense a connection, please consider welcoming it into your life ♡


At “Ryujin Accessory,” Ryujin art creator Ryuuka creates cute accessories for adults that can be used on a daily basis. All of works contain the energy of the Dragon God.

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pierced earrings




Bag charm



Ryutai Amulet Card

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Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin🐉✨👀

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