[Ryujin Necklace] A customer has purchased a White Dragon and Golden Ascending Dragon 🥰

To @4444_mika_8888 , You have welcomed the White Dragon and the Golden Ascending Dragon 😍🙌💕 These were custom-made 💕 Thank you very much 🐉💕

And also,@4444_mika_8888 , You have won a Rainbow Dragon necklace in the HAPPY NEW YEAR gift campaign 🎁✨ Congratulations on your win 🎉✨

I pray that this year will be another wonderful one for you 💗 

Ryujin Necklace
Ryujin Necklace

The custom-made White Dragon you welcomed was created with an “m” image in mind, as the Aurora White Dragon ✨

Ryujin Necklace

It took some time to find the perfect representation of the White Dragon’s aurora 🙏

Although it’s a White Dragon, we managed to find materials that perfectly match the image, allowing us to create a White Dragon that shines like an aurora 🥰

Depending on the angle, it appears pure white, and it sparkles like an aurora when hit by light. It looks different under natural light and indoor lighting, and it’s very beautiful 👀✨

While infusing the “Dragon Love Energy,”

The White Dragon said, “Isn’t it beautiful 🐉💕” “I want to be told I’m beautiful many times 💕” I received this message 😆🙌💕 It’s very cute 😍💞

The Ascending Dragon is boldly represented in gold ✨ From the Ascending Dragon, “I will rise even more from now on ✨” I received this message 💕

It seems like the start of a truly wonderful year 🐉🌈💕

From @4444_mika_8888 , I received a lovely postcard 😍💕
Thank you very much 😆💕
I was so moved that my energy skyrocketed 🙌💕

I too hope that 2023 will be the most wonderful year ever 🐉💞

Looking forward to it 🥰🐉💕

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Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin🐉✨👀

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