I went for a session with Ryujin’s knots by ryuna

先The other day, I had a session with Ryujin’s knots by @ryuna888🐉✨

It was so exciting and nerve-wracking to connect with my own Ryujin 🐉💕, but、@ryuna888 welcomed me kindly 🤗

However, upon seeing me for the first time,@ryuna888face was like “Wow” 😨, so I started to worry if something undesirable was attached to me through spiritual sight 😣💦, but 😂

After listening carefully,
It seems that when she saw me, she felt something strong from the Ryukyu Kingdom era, and she was like “Wow” 😳 Strong!
That was her reaction 😊

It seems that I have a divine person from the Ryukyu Kingdom era attached to me, which was why she felt something strong ⛩

What a relief 😆✨
Thank you always for protecting me
Divine Guardian Spirits〜✨

Now, onto the main topic, I had two Ryujin accompanying me 🐉🐉💕

The one who’s always with me is the White Dragon 🐉

The White Dragon is not just any White Dragon,
It’s a White × Silver × Metallic
With white eyes and claws, and golden × white hair.
This White Dragon has been with me since ancient times, from the Ryukyu Kingdom era 👀✨
How profound 🥰

The other one is
The Rainbow Dragon of Nature 🐉
It emits various colors overall, sparkling, with a soft texture like an aurora.
Its hair, eyes, and claws also have various colors resembling an aurora 🐉✨

It has been with me for about a year and a half, and its base is on Iheya Island 🏝
As my husband’s maternal side is from Iheya Island, I felt a deep connection 🤗💕

And then, from the dragons,

“Let’s grow together, you’re very welcome.”

I received these words of encouragement from them 🐉✨

I’m really happy that they both are with me 😆💕
I can only express gratitude 🐉🐉💕

With the Ryujin’s knots, I can feel the dragons closer to me now 🤗

I want to train more, talk to the dragons, see them with my own eyes 👀✨
And I want to hug them 😆💕

By the way, they told me it would be good to give names to the dragons

So, the White Dragon is Mr. Metal 🐉💕
And the Rainbow Dragon is Ray-chan 🐉💕
When I asked the dragons if these names were okay,
They replied, “It’s fine〜” 😊🙏💕

After that, I received instruction on flowing dragon energy ✨

Those who can feel dragon energy will feel it 🐉✨

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, my second session 🐉✨
I’m already excited and can’t wait 😆


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