[Ryujin Accessory] A customer has purchased a Rainbow Dragon ring and Gold Dragon keychain 🥰

Recently, a Rainbow Dragon ring and a Gold Dragon keychain were welcomed 🥰

@chanmaru05, thank you very much 🐉🌈💕

During the last live broadcast,

there was a request for a Rainbow Dragon

ring if available ✨

And what a surprise 👀❣️

During the online shop sale,

not one, but two Gold Dragon keychains

were welcomed 😆💕💕💕

The Rainbow Dragon ring is made with

a clear base and silver

mirror powder

Depending on the angle, it sparkles and

appears clear or silver 👀✨

Hoping to deepen the bond with the Rainbow Dragon,

it is designed in a circular pattern 🐉🌈✨

Ryujin ring
Ryujin ring
Ryujin ring
Ryujin ring

The white Gold Dragon

is an emerging Gold Dragon ⋆₊.⁺⋆″

It has become a powerful and dynamic Gold Dragon ⋆₊.⁺⋆″

The color changes with the light ♡ It sparkles and glimmers, a cool Gold Dragon has been created ♡

Ryujin keyholder
Ryujin keyholder
Ryujin keyholder

The black Gold Dragon

features the number “8,” significant to Ryujin, as a motif for the Gold Dragon ♡

On the back, dragon script is written ♡

Ryujin keyholder
Ryujin keyholder

Wishing for prosperity in business, the words “muku” and “tsuru” are inscribed ♡

“Muku” is for when you want to spread something or advance a matter, it strongly supports you ♡

“Tsuru” is a character for gathering people ♡ For when you want to gain the sympathy of many ♡

Together, these two lead to business prosperity ⁺⋆″

Natural stone crystal is used ☆彡

“Crystal” purifies everything, removes negative energy, and clears away the unnecessary ♡ It brings out latent abilities, nurtures intuition and creativity, and will boost vitality ♡ Crystal also removes distractions and enhances concentration ♡

@chanmaru05, truly thank you for welcoming

the Gold Dragon and Rainbow Dragon 🥰💕

Please enjoy a happy life

with the Gold Dragon and Rainbow Dragon 💝


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