[Ryujin Necklace] A customer has purchased a Blue Dragon 🥰

@kaoryu138 has purchased a Blue Dragon necklace 🥰

After the last Instagram post, we received a message right away and it was decided that it would be purchased 🐉💕

This Blue Dragon and the dragon of @kaoryu138 looked so alike that I felt a strong connection 😍🐉💕

I felt that this Blue Dragon was made especially for @kaoryu138🥰

To deepen the bond with the Blue Dragon, it is drawn in a round circle 🖌✨

The sliding ball part is fixed with blue-toned jewels to match the Blue Dragon, and the long chain is accented with a gold circle and pearls ❣️

Adjusting the position of the top part of the Blue Dragon gives a different impression 🐉💕

You can enjoy it at various lengths 🥰

This time too, of course, I have infused it with “Ryujin Love Energy” 💕😌🙏🐉💕

I believe you can feel a large, warm energy 🐲💕

I’m truly glad that I could safely deliver the Blue Dragon to @kaoryu138 🐉💕

The Blue Dragon seemed very happy to go to @kaoryu138🐲💓

I’m so relieved and happy 🥰🙏💕

Later on,@kaoryu138 posted the Blue Dragon necklace they received on Instagram (⋈◍>◡<◍)✧♡

@kaoryu138 , thank you very much (。vᴗv。)💕

The spiritual meaning and message of the Blue Ryujin(Japanese Dragon Gods)【Bringing purification... In this article, we will delve into a detailed explanation of the spiritual meaning and message of the Blue Ryujin, which brings purification and good fortun...

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