[Ryujin Pierced Earrings] At the Cosmic Marché trial event, a customer purchased Blue Ryujin earrings 🐉✨

Recently, at the Cosmic Marché trial event, someone welcomed a Blue Ryujin 🐉✨

Kei-chan ✨, thank you for welcoming the Blue Ryujin 🥰

Kei-chan also participated as a monitor for the “Single Draw Ryujin Card Reading” ✨
Thank you for that 💕

The card of Ryujin that appeared in the “Single Draw Ryujin Card Reading” was [Tenryu-san] “Graceful Growth”

When I conveyed the message “I am always watching over you,”

Kei-chan was surprised and deeply moved. Upon further conversation, it turned out that the Ryujin accompanying Kei-chan had a similar light blue hue as this Blue Ryujin,

and she was moved to tears by the words “I am always watching over you” 💕

Therefore, this time she welcomed a Blue Ryujin that resembles her own Ryujin 🥰

Both Kei-chan and I were touched by this perfect flow, feeling it was a providence from Ryujin 😭💕

Kei-chan is an artist who draws various things including adorable cosmic cats, beautiful full moons, and cool Ryujin ✨ If you’re interested, please take a look 👇

This Blue Ryujin is a small type, making for a cute and rounded pair of earrings 🥰

Ryujin pierced earrings
Ryujin pierced earrings
Ryujin pierced earrings
Ryujin pierced earrings

They feature natural stones of lapis lazuli and aquamarine ✨

Lapis Lazuli The language of lapis lazuli stones is ‘truth,’ ‘good fortune,’ ‘overcoming,’ ‘purification,’ ‘intelligence,’ etc. ♡

Aquamarine Symbolizes ‘freedom,’ ‘bringing happiness,’ ‘health,’ ‘wealth,’ ‘composure,’ ‘wisdom,’ ‘bravery.’ A stone that represents happiness, eternal youth, wealth, joy, and courage.

With both the Blue Ryujin and natural stones, it will surely lead Kei-chan to good fortune 🥰

Of course, I have also infused it with “Dragon Love Energy” 🤲✨

Kei-chan, riding the flow of Ryujin, you will continue to expand 🐉✨💕 I support you 🥰

The spiritual meaning and message of the Blue Ryujin(Japanese Dragon Gods)【Bringing purification... In this article, we will delve into a detailed explanation of the spiritual meaning and message of the Blue Ryujin, which brings purification and good fortun...

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Introducing the spiritual meaning of Ryujin🐉✨👀

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