I went to greet the Father Dragon God, Tenryu Oomikami 🙏🐉🌈💕

Every time I visit Tenryu Oomikami,

I feel incredibly strong energy 🐉✨

The dragons also showed themselves 😆💕

My spirits lifted 🤩✨

I could charge up with energy ✨

and felt wonderfully aligned 🐉🌈💕

Tenryu Oomikami
Tenryu Oomikami
Tenryu Oomikami

Since January began,

I’ve been feeling a sense of lacking,

as if things weren’t progressing as I wanted.

But, I realized

that feeling stems from comparing myself to others

and mistakenly thinking I’m not progressing.

I’ve been focused on others

and drifting away from my own path.

That realization hit me 👀✨

“Going at my own pace is going at a high pace”

☝️ That’s my favorite phrase right now 💁‍♀️💕

No matter what’s happening around me,

or what others may say,

“Working joyfully at my own pace”

is the surest way forward ✨

Once I noticed the drift from my path,

and made corrections to realign with myself,

I felt incredibly light 🧚‍♀️

“What I feel in this moment is the most important” 💗

That’s the message 💕

It’s not about the past or the future,

it’s about the “here and now” 🙆‍♀️✨

That’s what matters the most, I realized 🥰🙏💕

I also paid my respects at the Waves on Top Shrine ⛩🙏💕

It was an amazing time alone 🐉🌈💕

What happiness it brings 💗 Gratefulness abounds.


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