Space Marché Okinawa ✨ was a great success!

Yesterday’s Space Marché Okinawa 🪐✨
We were able to finish it with great success 😆🙌💕

Many people attended ✨
Thank you very much indeed 💕

It was hectic from start to finish 😃💦
It ended in the blink of an eye 😆

It was really fun〜💓

And many people
welcomed the dragons 🐉💕

Some people were so busy that they forgot to take pictures together 😂

Everyone who participated in the booth 💕
Everyone who performed 💕

And, as the planning team,
everyone who prepared together 💕
We were really able to have a fun and valuable experience 🙆‍♀️💕

I’m truly grateful 🐉💕
Thank you very much indeed 💓


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