Introducing the meaning and usage of the Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) “Hi”! [Supporting Growth and Evolution]

The Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) “Hi” supports growth and evolution.

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Hi” symbolizes fire. It governs the energy that proves useful when one wants to let go of strange attachments, negative thoughts, or opinions. In a world where there was nothing, oxygen and microorganisms emerged, and “fire” was created there. Fire signifies supporting growth and evolution. It is said that when used for children or grandchildren, the fire activates, and effects can be anticipated.

Energy of the sound “Hi”
  • Symbolizes fire
  • Letting go of negativity
  • Supports growth and evolution

Ways to utilize “Hi”

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Hi” represents fire and holds the energy of “release,” “purification,” and “evolution,” making it a powerful character 🔥
By harnessing this power, you can let go of strange attachments and negative thoughts, promote mental growth, and support the healthy growth of children ✨

When you want to let go of attachments or negative thoughts, it clears the clouds of the mind and provides the ability to perceive things objectively 🍀
It enhances “perspective,” “objectivity,” and “flexibility,” enabling you to think with more freedom.

When you want to promote growth, it brings out your potential and supports your efforts towards achieving goals.
It enhances “focus,” “perseverance,” and “initiative,” guiding you towards the realization of your dreams.

Moreover, it enhances the curiosity and exploratory spirit of children or grandchildren, supporting their healthy growth 👧👦
It enhances “intelligence,” “creativity,” and “vitality,” expanding their future possibilities.

You can enhance the energy by directly writing “Hi” on your body or palm, writing it on paper as a charm and keeping it in your wallet, smartphone, or notebook, or carrying it as an accessory 😊
It’s also recommended to attach it as a keychain to your child’s backpack or belongings 👍

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Hi” is a character that lets go of attachments and promotes growth.
Please consider incorporating the usage methods mentioned above into your daily life.
With the power of the Japanese Dragon God letter, let’s lead your life towards richness and fulfillment 🐉✨


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