Introducing the meaning and usage of the Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) “Ri”! [Bouncing back judgments from others]

The Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) “Ri” deflects judgments from others decisively.

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Ri” embodies the energy to decisively deflect judgments from others 🍀

Energy carried by “Ri”
  • Deflecting others’ judgments

Ways to utilize “Ri”

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Ri” exudes the energy of “independence,” “freedom,” and “willpower,” resonating with a strong and dignified vibration 🐉✨

With the fiery passion of flames and the unyielding willpower akin to steel, “Ri” rebounds judgments from others, safeguarding one’s authenticity.

Harnessing this power enables you to

  • Carve your path in life with your own convictions, unaffected by others’ opinions
  • Stand firm in your authenticity without succumbing to external pressures
  • Walk confidently on your chosen path with self-assurance.

Find solace in a quiet space, gaze at “Ri,” and take deep breaths to center your mind and confront your own willpower.

Meditation is an effective means to quiet the mind and listen to your inner voice 🍀 Envision “Ri” during meditation to clarify your values and reduce susceptibility to external influences.

Asserting your opinions is a crucial way to express your authenticity ✨ Envision the energy of “Ri” while asserting your opinions to confidently communicate your thoughts.

Enhance the energy by directly writing “Ri” on your body or palm, making it into a charm on paper to carry in your wallet, smartphone, or notebook, or wear it as an accessory 😊

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Ri” defends your authenticity and deflects judgments from others. Consider integrating the methods mentioned above into your daily life. With the support of the Japanese Dragon God letter’s power, uphold your convictions and lead a more fulfilling life 🌈✨


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