Introducing the meaning and usage of the Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) “Mo”! [Bringing Relief from Melancholy and Inviting Joy and Delight]

The Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) “Mo” embodies the energy to alleviate melancholy and bring about feelings of joy and delight.

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Mo” carries the energy to lift melancholic moods and evoke feelings of joy 😊
It resonates with a sound that allows one to encounter their new self.
It’s believed to be effective in alleviating symptoms like dizziness, palpitations, and shortness of breath, particularly when the mind feels unsettled.

Energy of the sound “Mo”
  • Inviting joy and delight
  • Breaking free from suffering

Ways to utilize “Mo”

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Mo” exudes a bright and cheerful vibration imbued with the energy of “joy,” “delight,” and “liberation” 😊
By harnessing this power, you can ease melancholic feelings, attract joyful emotions, and liberate yourself from suffering.

You can enhance the energy by directly writing “Mo” on your body or palm, writing it on paper as a charm and keeping it in your wallet, smartphone, or notebook, or carrying it as an accessory 😊

 Inviting joy and delight
When you feel melancholic, start by taking deep breaths to calm your mind 🍀
Gazing at the Dragon God letter “Mo” while taking deep breaths naturally brightens the mind and makes it easier to attract joyful feelings.

Carrying an amulet with the Dragon God letter “Mo” written on it can help alleviate melancholy even when you’re out and about, replacing it with joyful emotions.

Engaging in activities you love naturally fills your heart with joy. Imagining the Japanese Dragon God letter “Mo” while doing what you love allows you to experience even deeper joy 🌈

 Breaking free from suffering
Slowly writing the Japanese Dragon God letter “Mo” can help release pent-up suffering and negative emotions from the depths of your heart ✨

Carrying a healing amulet inscribed with the Japanese Dragon God letter “Mo” can liberate you from pain and anxiety, restoring peace to your heart.

Relaxing while envisioning the energy of the Japanese Dragon God letter “Mo” allows for liberation of both the mind and body, leading to a more relaxed state.

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Mo” invites joy and delight while liberating you from suffering 🐉✨
Please consider incorporating the usage methods mentioned above into your daily life.
Let the power of the Japanese Dragon God letter lead you to a brighter and more fulfilling life 😊


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