Introduction to the Meaning and Usage of the Japanese Dragon God Letter (Ryujin) “Ka”! [Energy of Birth]

The Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) “Ka” symbolizes the energy of birth.

“Ka” represents the process where expansion condenses into a mass, eventually giving birth to matter. It seems to signify human birth and the birth of this world.

The Energy of the Sound of “Ka”
  • Overcoming pressure
  • The birth of this world

Usage of “Ka”

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Ka” governs the energy that provides strength when going on a date or when wanting to be kind to someone you’re not fond of. It also holds the power to overcome pressure, like a magical character with versatile abilities 🌈

By harnessing this power, you can enhance your romantic fortune, build good relationships with those around you, and overcome pressure ✨ Before a date, before talking to someone you’re not comfortable with, or when feeling pressure, you can directly write “Ka” on your palm or on paper, carry it as an amulet, or carry it as jewelry to enhance its energy ✨

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Ka” possesses magical powers that are useful in various situations such as love, communication, and overcoming pressure 🍀
Please consider incorporating the usage methods introduced above into your daily life.
With the power of the Japanese Dragon God letter “Ka,” let’s make your life more fulfilling 😊


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