Introducing the meaning and usage of the Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) “Mi”! [Purifying the Heart, Discerning the Truth]

The Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) “Mi” purifies the heart and discerns the truth.

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Mi” symbolizes clear, colorless, and transparent “water” 💧✨
Water must be an absolute existence like a sacred mother. There is a background story where the muddy world was reborn into a beautiful form by this water.
It has the effect of drawing people together in crowded places and deepening important friendships 🍀
It governs energy that is pure and reflects surrounding things like a mirror.
It is recommended to use before attending seminars or gatherings.

Energy of the sound “Mi”
  • Energy of water
  • Mirror reflecting everything
  • Utilization during learning time

Ways to utilize “Mi”

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Mi” possesses the energy of “purification,” “truth,” and “learning,” emitting a clear vibration 🐉✨
By harnessing this power, you can purify your heart, discern the truth, and deepen your learning.

When you want to purify your heart, it washes away impurities and restores a pure heart 🍀
It enhances “peace of mind,” “relaxation,” and “focus,” allowing you to confront yourself more effectively.

It gives you the power to see through the essence of things and discern the truth.
It enhances “insight,” “judgment,” and “decision-making,” enabling you to make better choices.

When you want to deepen your learning (before studying for exams or certification exams, when learning new things, attending seminars, etc.), it enhances concentration and improves memory 💡
It enhances “comprehension,” “memory,” and “scholarship,” supporting more effective learning.

You can enhance the energy by directly writing “Mi” on your body or palm, writing it on paper as a charm and keeping it in your wallet, smartphone, or notebook, or carrying it as an accessory 😊

The Japanese Dragon God letter “Mi” purifies the heart and discerns the truth.
Please consider incorporating the usage methods mentioned above into your daily life.
With the power of the Japanese Dragon God letter, let’s lead your life towards richness and fulfillment 🌈✨


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