Introduction to the Meaning and Utilization of Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) ‘Wa’! [Energy of the Earth]

Japanese Dragon God letter (Ryujin) ‘Wa’ embodies the energy of the Earth.

The Japanese Dragon God letter ‘Wa’ represents the energy of the land. It supports harmony when it is sought after 🐉✨

Energy carried by ‘Wa’ sound
  • Energy of the Earth
  • Harmony

Methods of utilizing ‘Wa’

Japanese Dragon God letter ‘Wa’ is a character imbued with the strength and nurturing power of the Earth ✨✨
By connecting with the Earth, it stabilizes the mind and body, supporting harmony.

Here are some specific ways to utilize Japanese Dragon God letter ‘Wa’

Gazing at Japanese Dragon God letter ‘Wa’

In a quiet place, take a moment to gaze at the dragon character ‘Wa’.
What energy do you feel from its shape and lines?
You may visualize various images such as the Earth, mountains, roots, or circles. Try to articulate these images into words.

Writing Japanese Dragon God letter ‘Wa’ in calligraphy enhances concentration and mental strength.
Don’t focus too much on brushstrokes or letter forms; progress at your own pace.
While writing, contemplate values that are important to you or the life vision you aspire to.

Meditation while visualizing Japanese Dragon God letter ‘Wa’:
Meditation is an effective means to calm the mind and listen to the inner voice.
By meditating while visualizing Japanese Dragon God letter ‘Wa’, you can feel the energy of the Earth and promote stability of mind and body.

Enhance the energy by directly writing ‘Wa’ on your body or palm, writing it on paper and keeping it in your wallet, phone, or notebook as a charm, or carrying it as an accessory 😊

Japanese Dragon God letter ‘Wa’ is a powerful character for achieving harmony and stabilizing the mind and body.
Please consider incorporating the methods mentioned above into your daily life. 😊


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